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ANC flushes away competition

I’m not politically affiliated but I was inspired to make this quick sketch in photoshop last night after reading how the ANC, despite losing some seats is still doing very well. An obvious play on the toilet dramas with a bit of a Zapiro feel to it.

Soul Brother-Comic Book

Soul brother

Soul brother (click to view larger)

This is an image based on a comic book my brother Michael wrote., I just fed off that energy and went ahead and rendered a scene. Hopefully we wil get around to completing the book and hopefully release it soon.

Girl-Quick Painting

girl -colour(click to view large image)

girl -colour(click for larger image)

Tools Photoshop, time 1 hour.

This was based on a grayscale image i came across while looking for some reference material and inspiration. I don’t know who the original author is but i’m more than happy to give credit if anyone can tell me.  I went ahead and touched it up with some colour. Enjoy 🙂

Head In Charcoal 45 min Photoshop Sketch

Head in Charcoal

Head in Charcoal(click to view larger image)

A digital painting mimicking charcoal effect, time was maybe about 45mins in photoshop. Had a lot of healp watching tutorial by Scott Burdick. I love how this sketch has that Metal Gear Solid artwork feel to it

Kanye West Caricature

Kanye West Caricature

Kanye West Caricature

A quick caricature of Kanye West. tools done Photoshop , based on another caricature by Jason Sieler I think, I may be mistaken.