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Soul Brother-Comic Book

Soul brother

Soul brother (click to view larger)

This is an image based on a comic book my brother Michael wrote., I just fed off that energy and went ahead and rendered a scene. Hopefully we wil get around to completing the book and hopefully release it soon.

Girl-Quick Painting

girl -colour(click to view large image)

girl -colour(click for larger image)

Tools Photoshop, time 1 hour.

This was based on a grayscale image i came across while looking for some reference material and inspiration. I don’t know who the original author is but i’m more than happy to give credit if anyone can tell me.  I went ahead and touched it up with some colour. Enjoy 🙂

Head In Charcoal 45 min Photoshop Sketch

Head in Charcoal

Head in Charcoal(click to view larger image)

A digital painting mimicking charcoal effect, time was maybe about 45mins in photoshop. Had a lot of healp watching tutorial by Scott Burdick. I love how this sketch has that Metal Gear Solid artwork feel to it

Kanye West Caricature

Kanye West Caricature

Kanye West Caricature

A quick caricature of Kanye West. tools done Photoshop , based on another caricature by Jason Sieler I think, I may be mistaken.