Glowing eye

I was inspired by Alex Cherry’s work so I just had to make my own piece in Photoshop.

Facebook introduces timeline but what about what I want


It’s great and all that Facebook has new privacy features but the one option I wish facebook had was the ability to block facebook itself from using my data to profit themselves. Oh how I hate targeted ads, don’t know about you but I keep info on facebook to a minimum. I won’t even blink twice at the new Timeline feature. For now I can only dream that blocking Zuckerberg will liberate my data from being used in marketing purposes…if only *sigh*

PaperArtwork -Last Stand

This is some linework fresh of the scanner bed, i used a 0.4 ink pen and its based on a cover image of steven kings the last stand, i just loved the style and use of  contrast to bring out the character.

Photoshop text style – metallicgrid


I also create custom Photoshop text styles to apply to your text. Did this quite recently and I call it metallicgrid. Done in Photoshop of course

Logo design – tweetwallsaver

App icon for the iPad app tweetwallsaver. I played around with several concepts of a twitter icon until I settled on this infalted version. The app not only shows your twitter feed but displays your photogallery as a screensaver. To show that feature I placed a small collage of pictures as you can see.

Logo design – tappnology

Created this icon for tappnology a long time ago.  A company I started with my brother about a month and a half ago. We create touchbased applications for smartphones and smart devices. That prettey much explains the logo, the ring of circles represent touching a touchscreen and the biggest ring also serves as the ltter “o”.

We already have one application, tweetwallsaver on the iTunes store. Visit our site, find us on facebook: or follow us on @tappnology on twitter

Photographs For an iPad App project


Autum Trees

Autum Trees

Statues Adderly In Cape Town

Statues Adderly In Cape Town

So i’ve been working on an iPad app and needed some great photographs. I whipped out my SLR and snapped a couple of pics and these two are my personal favorites, The statues photography was taken a long time ago, and going through my library, it prompted me to pick up my camera again and start shooting. So look forward to more photography on this blog.

Digital realism

I saw a picture by Serge Birault and I just had to draw it as well. I loved the realistic looking hair. I must say my attempt doesn’t do it justice. All done in Adobe Photoshop CS5 on my macbook

Speed painting 1

So the world didnt end after all. So many people actually believed it would end. When I did this speed painting in Photoshop I was just thinking of people living a simple life in Africa, ignorant to the claims that the world would end. To them it was just another day to wake up and enjoy life…