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Logo design – tweetwallsaver

App icon for the iPad app tweetwallsaver. I played around with several concepts of a twitter icon until I settled on this infalted version. The app not only shows your twitter feed but displays your photogallery as a screensaver. To show that feature I placed a small collage of pictures as you can see.

Logo design – tappnology

Created this icon for tappnology a long time ago.  A company I started with my brother about a month and a half ago. We create touchbased applications for smartphones and smart devices. That prettey much explains the logo, the ring of circles represent touching a touchscreen and the biggest ring also serves as the ltter “o”.

We already have one application, tweetwallsaver on the iTunes store. Visit our site, find us on facebook: or follow us on @tappnology on twitter